About Digital Vision, LLC

We support and provide STEM educational services with the Digital Vision STEM interactive model.

Products and Services

Build a non-interactive Play Set

Gives young learners an opportunity to develop creative thinking skills

Build a Simple Machines Play Set

Gives learners an opportunity to learn about levels, inclined planes, and pulley systems

Build an Electronic Circuit Play Set

Gives learners an opportunity to use DC Motors and LED/mini-lamps

Build a Hydraulics Play Set

Gives learners an opportunity to use hydraulic pistons to make things move

Build a Programable Play Set

Gives learners the opportunity to learn basic coding skills, physical computing, and the Raspberry Pi

Build Advanced Systems

Gives learners an opportunity to learn and use advanced coding skills with Lego WeDo and Mindstorms products


Interactive playsets/models based on each program level.

(see programs above).

We Are Ready to Teach You

Areas of Competency

(Raspberry Pi and Other Technologies)
    Script/Creative Writing
    Digital Storytelling
    Digital Storybook Creation
    Stop Motion Animation
    Movie Set Building

(Your choice between wood and poster board)

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