Products and Services


Primary Service: Theatre/Story/Movie Production

The primary service is to teach STEAM via the storytelling process. The stages of this process include:

  1. Create the story idea.
  2. Build the story set (with the necessary technologies).
  3. Write the story (including the setting, characters, and dialogue).
  4. Draw and paint the setting.
  5. Create the characters.
  6. Integrate the technology that will allow the characters and set to interact.
  7. Tell the story.
  8. Use stop-motion animation software and videography to create the movie.
  9. Publish the movie to the web.

Secondary Service: Theatre/Story/Movie Production

Isolate any of the primary services and teach it as an individual lesson.

Tertiary Service: Random STEM Activities

The tertiary service is subdivided into the following categories: Educational and Story.

  1. The Educational service will teach a STEM concept using a client-requested activity.
  2. The Story service will use a story set to simply tell a story for entertainment purposes.

Product: The Story Set