Education Curriculum

STEM and Character Education Curriculum

The Digital Vision, LLC, STEM and Character Education Curriculum contains activities that engage learners with:

  • Project based learning assignments
  • Inquiry and research based learning
  • Technology and character development problem solving
  • Creative writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Stop motion and real time movie making
  • Creativity, imagination, and fun!

The Digital Vision, LLC, STEM and Character Education Curriculum provides educators and learners with a choice of Common Core aligned modules focused on developing STEM competencies, and/or pro-social character to succeed in our modern world. These modules focus of developing the following skills:

  • Identifying, understanding, and practicing the difference between the Scientific Method and the Engineering Process
  • Identifying problems through observation and research
  • Solving problems through collaboration, brainstorming, and research
  • Developing critical thinking skills through trial and error and hands-on experimentation
  • Leading teams through a problem resolution process
  • Working in teams to address real-world issues
Our curriculum is divided into various modules that address each of the four STEM principles (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and pro-social Character Development. Our modules are independent learning experiences. However, knowledge gained from one module may aid in solving the problems and issues identified in other modules.
A separate module (free with the purchase of any of our learning modules) will provide directions on how to build our poster board-based movie set specific for the identified learning experience (see note below concerning our wood-based movie set). You will need to purchase stop motion animation software and equipment and/or a webcam to create the final product. The activities in each module are best worked in groups of three.
For larger groups, tasks will be more easily divided and the overall time to complete the module will be shortened. Additionally, a Raspberry Pi is used in many modules that discuss technology and Python coding. Finally, we use Lego bricks and action figures for our stop motion animation products. Digital Vision, LLC, is not a retail store; you will need to have access to Lego bricks or another form of action figure to create the stop motion product.   
Note: Our in-house projects are constructed using a wood-based movie set. For reasons of cost, safety, and space, we do not require the use of our wood-based set for our modules when used in your facility or learning environment. However, if you desire to use one of our wood-based movie sets in your project, you may purchase the instructions for a minimal fee.
Each module contains multiple sub-sections which are designed to be completed in sequence.

Additionally, our modules have the same fundamental format which we find is easy to follow:

  • Safety consideration
  • Module objectives
  • Materials required
  • Set building instructions
  • Learning objectives
  • Problem identification
  • Research guidelines
  • Specific learning sub-sections
  • Creative (i.e. script) writing
  • Storyboarding
  • Creating the movie
  • Editing the movie
  • Review and share the movie
  • Summarize the learning experience
For Educators:
The modules are available for purchase. Or, for an additional cost, we can come to your location and work through the module with you. Each module workshop can be conducted as an in-classroom activity for learners. We also provide teacher-training and train-the-trainer workshops. Educators can earn CEU credits as applicable to your situation/place of employment. Please contact us for in-service costs associated with travel and workshops expenses.
For Learners:
Explore your world through a variety of learning situations! Experiment with various types of technology! Explain what you have learned to others! Be proud of what you have done!